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New Year New Goals New Dreams

Despite a fondness for fences and course tape, new racer Becky Howland finds her groove with Cyclocross.
This time of year is naturally one of introspection and reflection.  We look back over the year about to end and ahead to the one upcoming. Naked women’s racing, cycling, and in particular cyclocross has played a big part of this past year for me. This was my first season as a member of the team and I truly enjoyed every moment of the cyclocross season. From the sand at the Boulder reservoir, to dust​ and 90 degree temperatures in October at Cross of the North, costumes and camaraderie at Schoolyard cross, and finally mud and snow at Louisville, each an opportunity to learn.
Becky blog 3
I look forward to spending my weekends racing next fall with the wonderful ladies of cross. I promise between now and then to work on my skills and endurance. That way come next year I can spend more time on my bike and less in
the tape, wrapped around a fence or with my face in the dirt!Becky blogBecky blog 2