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Cyclocross, costumes and camaraderie at the Schoolyard Cross

The Schoolyard cross never fails to deliver. Come for the fun, the venue, the course and the costumes. Read why Amanda Bye is a big fan.

You had us at Halloween Race oh sweet Schoolyard Cross. This race is unique as it is held on a wonderfully secluded and beautiful school campus. The race has off camber areas, steep downhills, long, grueling uphills, gravel, barriers and most important– costumes. Our team decided to go as the Alice in Wonderland theme and this did not disappoint. Every single lady on our team dressed up. We had the mad hatter, white rabbit, queen of hearts, tweedle dum, cheshire cat, honorary doormouse and of course Alice.

20151031 Schoolyard Cross

The race started with our sweet Alice getting the whole shot. It was a hot race that thick costumes did not help with. However, we have wonderful photos and everyone had a blast. We even hosted a tea party to watch the other races that occurred that day and won best team costume.
Stay tuned in October 2016 to see what hilarity ensues from our team who take both racing and costumes very serious. 62701925-School+Yard+Cross-162701926-School+Yard+Cross-17IMG_1150IMG_1148