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Tis’ the Season!

Gayle Connell and the rest of the Naked women’s cycling team have had quite the cyclocross season.  From unseasonably hot temperatures in November to muddy, icy and cold conditions these past few weekends these tough ladies are ready to take on the state championship race today.

The past few weeks of mud, snow and cold have given just what the end of cyclocross season needed!  And it’s certainly given me lots of bumps and bruises!  There’s nothing like going to a holiday party explaining your bruised up legs.  It is definitely a busy time of the year with holidays, family, friends and lots of end of year celebrations. Luckily cross racers know how to have fun. Bandido Cross is certainly a great example of that!
The Naked racers have been out in full force this season and we have the SW3 and (most likely) SW4 Colorado Cross Cup Team Competition in the bag.  I have truly enjoyed my time with teammates and learn something new each week I am out there. I also love sharing the tips I’ve learned with others. We’ve got a great group of Naked CX racers out there cheering each other on (when we can catch our breath)!
With this being the last week of training for most of us it is a great time to think about all the hard work we’ve put in, all the hours on the bike, all the washing of muddy bikes, clothes and bodies, and all the awesome experiences we’ve had throughout the season.
The state championship race is just a few days away and it is shaping up to be another snowy, icy course. I’m just hoping to stay upright most of the time and clip into my pedals!  Good luck to all our racers.  I can’t wait to see everyone out there and celebrate after the races!
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