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It’s All Mental

Cat 3 Racer Jenny Lucke might have finished last (this time!) but vows to overcome her fear of ice.

Last weekend at Regionals I won the race. But this past race weekend didn’t go as planned. I do well in dry races that are fast and not too technical, and when it comes to snow and ice I absolutely fail at it. At this point in the season I am definitely strong enough to do well in races, but mentally I need more practice.

On the day of SOCO Littleton it was snowing all afternoon before my race and the temperatures were plummeting. When I pre-rode the course it was actually not too bad besides a few icy sections. I felt okay about the race so far since I knew I could do well at most of the course to make up for me sucking at the icy parts. But as more time passed before the SW 3 race, it started to downpour tons of snow and the course was freezing over. Once the race started I got the whole-shot but my gears were frozen and I was stuck spinning not able to shift and everyone flew by me. The first few corners were slow and there were a bunch of crashes and more people passed me. Not even halfway through the first lap I was near the back of the pack suffering through the snow. I hate ice and whenever I see it on a course I automatically freak out and tell myself I can’t do it. Racing in these type of conditions is incredibly hard for me because ice makes me so nervous and it is a huge mental obstacle that I can not get over.

By the last lap I started to get more comfortable riding on the ice and I got more confident. I was able to relax more and not let the ice beat me. My last lap was by far my best and I actually ended up catching two people (they were 4’s though)! Even though I ended up finishing last, this race was great practice for me to somewhat get over my fear of ice.

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