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Dudes at the Ranch

 Emily Zinn aka Jesse the Cowgirl, tells us what’s to love about the Mile High Urban CX Chaos (MUCCY)

Last weekend, I had the spirit of the season (‘cross season, that is). I’ve always thought the world of MUCCY Urban Cross Chaos for a number of reasons.

Reasons I’ve have always thought the world of MUCCY Urban Cross Chaos:

  1. It has the proper attitude for what I think cyclocross should be!
  2. It’s all about the kids
  3. The adaptive category


Goofy fun, costumes, no points and a low price. Citizen and fat bike categories add some extra relaxed competition. People wore overalls, cowboy hats and shit kickers for the occasion.

The kids:

Juniors have it good in Colorado racing, but at this particular race, the pre-junior category got extra love. I, myself was recruited to be Jesse the Cowgirl from Toy Story, alongside Woody and Bullseye the horse as Pre-J mascots. In addition to running/riding/shouldering alongside the striders and riders in the pump track section where the race passed, we had the necessary job of distributing sherif’s badges, lollipops and finger puppets to tykes. All the Pre-J riders got to stand on the podium (with the mascots, of course) and get a medal. I melted when a little girl who was way off the back told me she was second, and proved it by showing me her silver medal.


This race has a free race for riders with physical disabilities and non-standard bikes. I’m all about the adaptive category. I think the whole country should have goofy, fun races like this one with an adaptive category. Riders ride hand-cycles, tricycles, and this year there was a double below-the-knee amputee on a standard bike.

This year was an extra adventure for me because I raced with the dudes. The only other times I have lined up fifth row or farther back was at National Championship races, because my races never have enough people to make five rows of! After a good start and some strategic decisions at the first few corners, I kept picking riders off and finished proudly mid-pack. The only other coed races I’ve done were heat races where I didn’t make it to the second heat.

After hopping dozens of railroad ties, pumping the indoor pump track, riding up and down 6 sets of stairs and zigging and zagging through more stables than I could estimate, I finished with my cowgirl hat still attached to my helmet and my cow print pants covered in mud and ripped several times. I was delighted.

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