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Goodbye skinny tires, hello dirt!

After discovering mountain biking a few seasons ago Melanie Wong has found a new discipline of cycling to focus on for the next couple of years.

I made a big decision at the end of this road racing season — that it would be my last for awhile. I’ve been racing on the road since my sophomore year in college, and it’s been an amazing time. The sport has pushed me to new levels, introduced me to some of my closest friends and provided me with a passion for life.

For years, many things have changed in my life while I’ve been a road racer — I’ve lived in three different states, moved to different countries, worked many different jobs, and gotten married. The only constant has been bike racing. After so many years, it almost became like a job to me, and the higher levels that you race at, the more it demands of you. That’s both a good and bad thing, I think.

However, not all things are meant to last forever. Life changes, job changes and more mean that a Cat 1/2 road racing season is out of the question, so for at least the next couple years, I’ll be hanging up my road cleats.

That said, over the last few years, I have discovered mountain bike racing. It still challenges me and reminds me of when I first started road racing. There were always new roads, more ways to improve and new revelations to be had. I’m very excited to be racing with the Naked Women’s Cycling mountain bike team next year, and hope I’ll represent the ladies well.

So I’m going to work on not pointing out every obstacle on the trail, pumping up my tires til they’re about to blow off the rim and following an inch behind other riders’ wheels. Hello baggy shorts and singletrack! Do you think you should get a tribal tattoo?