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2015 season wrap up -Highs, Lows and Fun

Experienced racer Melanie Wong recaps her 10th season of racing by sharing her highs and lows of the season with us.

Looking back on this race season, it’s hard to believe I’ve been racing for a decade now. I feel like I should have reached some sort of Jedi level of bike racing knowledge, but I still feel like I have so much to learn and some room to improve. In the end, it’s part of the fun. Here are a few highlights (and low lights) that have made my 10th racing season stand out.

High point — Maverick Hill Climb: This was literally a high point, as we raced to the top of the Colorado Monument in Grand Junction. It was an odd race, with a hodgepodge of hill climb specialists, local riders and collegiate racers. The leaders separated from the rest of the pack a few miles in as the road took a sharp turn up into a series of never-ending switchbacks. It was a game to see who could endure the pain the longest, and eventually I fell back. However, let it be a lesson to never give up. The last few miles of the race were a false flat, with blistering headwinds. I was able to stay steady here and in the last mile, caught up with the leaders, passed the leaders and cross the finish line first.

Low point — Lafayette Crit: Just a few weeks after the Maverick Hill Climb, I raced the Lafayette Criterium. It was a windy course with tricky corners, steep climbs and fast descents. A couple United Health pros came out to make the race extra fast and hard, and unfortunately, I was sorely lacking that day. Combine that with contact lens malfunctions and you’ve got one defeated racer. It was one of those days you just had to pack up, go home and lick your wounds.

Fun point — Steamboat Stinger: It was unfortunate that our partners got injured, but it was fortunate that me and fellow Naked teammate Roberta Smith got to be a last-minute duo team at the Steamboat Stinger MTB race. Soaring descents, bacon and whisky aid stations and gorgeous mountain weather — what more can you ask for. It was a fun time after I took my lap to wait at the finish line cheering on all our Naked teammates who came through. Days like that is what bike racing is all about.