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Jenny Gets Her Mud On at Interlocken

Jenny Lucke raced Cyclo X Interlocken – read how she used the mud and field tactics for a hard fought 4th place finish. 

This past weekend was another great cross race! Many Naked ladies showed up to take on Interlocken. Everyone who has raced this course before knows that there are steep hills with sand pits at the bottom and there’s the infamous deep mud pit.

After pre-riding a few times and constantly changing my mind on whether or not I should try and ride the mud pit, it was time for call-ups! I was the 5th to get called and lined up on the far left side. I noticed there was a lot of tough competition in my category but I was ready to race. Once they blew the whistle though, I had a bad start and my gear was too hard. It took me a second to get going and I was about 8th going into the first corner. After the first barrier I passed one or two people but got held up behind some people running the sand. After getting past some more of the chaos I was in maybe 6th or 5th place before the mud. Once I got to the mud I already decided I wasn’t going to take any chances and I chose to run it. I took the far right line and was ankle deep in mud, but luckily I didn’t loose my shoes! This worked out really well the first time because I managed to pass two more people! By the time I was halfway through the second lap I was already in 3rd place! The rest of the race I focused on sprinting hard on the fast grass sections and staying consistent in the sand pits and mud.

During the whole race I knew that 4th and 5th place were right behind me and were putting up a good fight! By the beginning of the 4th lap, Nina, who was in fourth, passed me. The last two laps I was racing as hard as I could and Nina was still in my sight, but I couldn’t catch up. The last lap I focused on not letting 5th place pass me. After every turn I could see her right there and it was making me anxious to cross the finish line. Once I hit the long grass sections for the last time I was sprinting the whole length of them and could see a gap being formed between me and 5th place. Finally, after 40 minutes of intense racing I secured my place as 4th! Not far behind was Gayle in 8th place and Amanda and Rachel in 13th and 19th!

This will always be one of my favorite races and I was glad so many teammates showed up and raced hard.

Gayle Connell at Cyclo X Interlocken