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Fun, Fierce and Fast Ladies

Gayle sure is enjoying cross! Even more so when she gets to take the top step. Photos by the excellent Shawn Curry.
Last Friday I raced Cross of the North in Fort Collins. The course and atmosphere were awesome. The volunteers put a lot of work into making the weekend of racing a top notch event. People were there to race fast and have fun (some of the best hand ups – turkey legs, doughnuts, you name it!)
Fort Collins is far from me, real far. And traffic was bad, real bad. I like to get to races early and have time to feel organized and race-ready. I got there about 30 minutes later than my planned time, but was able to quickly hit registration and pre-ride most of a lap. I didn’t quite warm-up as much as I wanted to, but since I had spent most of that time catching up with some teammates that time was well worth it!
My start was off, but I quickly made my way up through the pack and was able to keep moving up until I was in the front. It felt great to get the lead and hold it for the second half of the race. I’ve got a long way to go, but it great to stand on the podium and feel like all the training rides, late night stationary efforts and skills practices are paying off. It’s also great to be out there with so many fun, fierce and fast ladies! Go Naked!