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Take the Stairs

Certified USA cycling coach Katie Whidden provides us with stair workout ideas to prep our bodies for the upcoming cyclocross season.  

Want to improve your cyclocross skills this fall?  Take the stairs!  Living in Denver we are lucky to be close to one of the most beautiful and challenging set of stairs around.  Training stairs will allow you to complete a highly anaerobic workout that will train you back into Cyclocross shape.  The past four Tuesdays the Naked ladies have been out there working hard to train their bodies for the demands that only the dirt, mud, and snow of a cyclocross race can dish out.

While the options for workouts are limitless, here are some of the movements we do while at Red Rocks:
Side Staircases
Bunny Hopping
Running up skipping a step
Running up touching every step
Hop scotch up the stairs (Right foot, two feet, left foot, two feet)
Side cross over (face sideways and cross one foot over the front)
On the main stadium stairs 
Running up as quickly as possible
Lunging up stairs leading with left leg and then switching the lead leg
Jumping up
Incorporate some strength movements:
Push ups
Ice skaters
Often times we finish with sprints up the ramp or suicides at the top of the amphitheater.
Feel free to play with different distances that you cover.  We don’t go from the bottom to the top each time.  You can train different systems in your body if you vary your workout from some short hard efforts to some longer endurance efforts at a lower effort.  Enjoy!