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Learning Patience: Bannock Street Criterium

 As an experienced cyclocross racer but newer crit racer, Gayle Connell, is still in the process of learning how to strategically race a crit.   She had the opportunity to practice those skills this past weekend at the Bannock Crit.  
I went into the Bannock Street Crit knowing that I wasn’t at peak performance. A few weeks traveling for work, lots of family obligations and (let’s be honest) one too many summer bbq and happy hour treats and libations!
There are always mixed emotions when your race is bright and early. No fun setting the alarm that early, but knowing how the temps would rise and that we’d be out there volunteering all day I was glad the SW4 race was bright and early!
During the race, I (once again) had the realization that I have a long way to go with the strategy of criterium races. My tendency is to want to lead the race…at all times!  Each race is bringing me a bit more experience in using the pack and settling in for the entire race, not just one lap at a time. I will learn patience “when I grow up”!
Although I didn’t have the final kick to win the sprint, I finished with the pack and love that there are so many great racers out there…and that so many of them are out there in the same kit as me. I’m proud to be on such an amazing team filled with great role models both on and of the bike.
The Mike Nields Memorial Bannock Street Crit is a great race and I love that we get the honor of helping the Front Rangers, BRAC and all the folks who are out there encouraging the next generation of both racers and cycling advocates.