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When the rubber hits the road…

Multi-sport athlete, Dana Platin,  faces some challenges in the weeks leading up to and during her first race of the season.  Read about how she overcomes this adversity and races to a 15 minute personal record at Galveston 70.3.  

It was my first triathlon of 2015, 70.3 Galveston, Texas.  The 70.3 triathlon consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile time trial followed by a 13 mile run. I was doubting my ability as I had missed a handful of trainings due to work, nasty colds, a strained hamstring and throw in some snow days.  At one point, I considered not racing and then put myself ‘in-check’ with a ‘it is what it is’ and regardless of those setbacks I shifted my attitude from ‘you aren’t prepared’ to ‘bring it.”

I kicked off the race swimming noticeably slower than normal due what seemed to be a current that I was swimming against.  Faced with my first obstacle, I turned up my mental skills training, found my sea legs, persevered and pushed on.

I take off on the bike and felt good; real good. I know I am aiming for a negative split and have rock star cat 4 teammate Katie Whidden’s voice in my head ‘maintain 19-21mph for 28 miles and then go get that negative split.’  I followed the plan and was feeling strong at the 30 mile marker.  It then began to rain, rain hard.  I am usually a conservative rider and racer. I am the first to pull back and ‘call it a day’ when faced with rain or snow.  As the rain was coming down, I noticed that my confidence went up.  I was wondering ‘where did Dana go?’ I got more aggressive, determined and focused on the road and the goal.  I  left all fear on the race course. I increased my cadence and speed and went for it. I passed people one by one and kept going through the downpour.  What is it that allows this confidence to shine through and crush the inner critic when rubber hits the road and we need to perform?

Thanks to Specialized and Turin bikes for my Shiv Race rocket as it brought me confidence, calm and speed.  Thanks to Naked Women’s Cycling race team for the encouragement, support and training rides.  Thanks to Inspired Training Center for providing sanctuary and insane power training sessions on the snowiest of winter days as well as Naked Juice and that kale blazer juice!  As I stepped out of my comfort zone, took a calculated risk,  I raced the 56 mile time trial the fastest time I had ever raced.  After the rubber hit the road, I finished strong with the run.