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Why Now….

Becky Howland shares an inspiring post about the new challenges she is taking on this year. 

So, I’m turning 40 soon!

I’ve always been independent, athletic, full of wanderlust and a love of the outdoors. I’ve never been one to waste energy worrying about what life had in store or making too many plans about the future. Age has never been an issue: I’ve always felt that those who are young at heart and share a love for life are one and the same, 20 or 60 it didn’t matter. Then this year rolled around! Although I know it shouldn’t, 40 is bothering me. I can’t help but feel sad, nervous, and scared. My illogical heart is fighting my logical mind. I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter, but somehow the expectations of society are still whispering to my subconscious and causing anxiety.

I’ve made a decision though: this year will be one of my best! I will fight the anxiety, live life large and continue to challenge myself, learn new things, meet new people and do things that scare me.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with Naked Women’s Racing. Well, this will be my first year on the team. I’ve ridden many miles, mostly on my own or with a few friends, but this is my first foray into competitive racing. I love the way I feel about the world from the saddle. Being on a bike for me has always been about solitude and freedom. This year is about taking on new challenges, and discovering what competitive ability I may or may not have on a bike and learning the skills that will be required to race. I’ve already met some amazing and skilled women, and I know that riding along with them at the races this summer will be scary and challenging. But it will also be supportive and I will learn a lot. And that is what I am going to make my 40th year be about.