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Racing Without Limits at Snowy Boulder Res

The first official ‘cross weather’ race is in the books. Here’s Amanda B.’s take on the below freezing and beyond snowy race at the Boulder Res!

Starting the day by layering up with ample embrocation lotion and then 3-4 layers of clothing on all areas of the body does not always predict a good outcome. Below freezing temps, wind and snow blowing we lined up to start the race at Boulder Res. The temperatures had been dropping all day. Spending the day watching each group fall around the first icy corner did not inspire confidence in beginning this race. However, all the worries dissipated after the whistle blew and the ladies were off.

Around the first three icy corners and no falls.  So far, so good. This race did not disappoint with windy, icy, snowy corners, downhills, steep turns and icy sand to ride or run up. There was also a drop into sand that was even steep to run followed by several barriers on the uphill. More sand and stairs followed. I layered well and was never cold but my mittens were too thick and I could not brake or shift effectively. Last lap= gloves came off… watch out ladies. I had thinner gloves under the mittens and could finally shift while maintaining my warmth. I threw the mitten off the course and began shifting for the first time in the race. Fastest lap time for me.
Finishing the race I was so proud of the teammates for going out to race, of Emily Zinn who brought home the W and was happy to have completed such a mentally and physically challenging race.
Thank you to Without Limits for another stellar race at the Boulder Res and to all the ladies and gentleman who came out to race and cheer. The cheering kept us going. Also to the poor photographers who braved the weather to give us evidence of the insanity that ensued today.