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A Cyclocross Season of Firsts

Read about Megan tackling her real season of cyclocross and diving headfirst into the unknown. 

While Megan has dabbled in Cyclocross here and there this was her first season to really go out there and give racing a real try. Her favorite part about the sport is the unknown and the chance that anything could happen. An unknown course with mysterious obstacles could make or break you.

The first official race of the season Kick it Cross had obstacles Megan enjoyed conquering including a nice long run up, lots of fast heart pumping cardio sections, and some twisty turns. Off the line Megan was in 3rd place and kept that through the beastly run up but got passed throughout the course on some of the more technical sections. All of the back and forth from grass to gravel to pavement to mud left a lot of room for sketchy transitions but these didn’t faze her after learning some tricks of the trade at the clinic with Nicole Duke! Add in a short but deep muddy sections, and some awkward angled barriers and the long course really spread out the field. Megan came in 6th place which she was ecstatic about, her best place in cross thus far!


The second racing weekend had 2 UCI courses, The US Open of Cyclocross and the Boulder Cup. Both were early morning races, and on Saturday she arrived before the sun had even risen which made for a very cold test run on the course. She learned to heed Brittany’s warnings the hard way, when she said that course had a LOT of goat heads, she wasn’t kidding! After getting a flat on the preview, Megan ran back to her car to find she hadn’t brought any spare tubes and was ready to pack up and leave as it was 10 minutes before call-ups. But her boyfriend was determined and ran around to see if he could buy a tube off of someone, and quickly helped her change the tube so she could line up on time. The first lap went okay, lots of sand and clogged brakes but not bad. When the second lap rolled around and she hit the turns it quickly became evident she had a flat again. First DNF for her which was tough to take, but she learned to always take Brittany’s advice seriously.

The following day was the Boulder Cup at Valmont Bike Park. The course was very fun and full of lots of off camber up and down hill sections, some sand pits, and of course the famous 5280 run up. It was definitely a test of technical skills and for most women in the cat 4 event there was a lot of dismounting, running up the steep side, awkwardly remounting on an awkward slope and directly heading back down the hill. Megan has always been a fan of long run ups and her strength to climb it brought her to a 9th place finish despite some haphazardly executed technical sections.