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Cross of the North – Friday SW4

Gayle suffered through the mud in day 1 of a 3-day cross weekend. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a bit less peanut-buttery!

Notes to Self:

1.  Win lottery so you have enough money for a second bike.

2.  Put said lotto bike in the pit at SludgeFest…aka Cross of the North

2.  Bring pit people to powerwash your sludgey bike each lap and return to you a clean one.

Inevitably it rained Thursday night, a lot!  At 1:00 I rode a preview lap and it was so muddy I had to stop and clean my bike a bunch of times an powerwash mid-way through the lap.  I finished it off, cleaned my bike and finished my warm up on the road.  By 2:30 the course had firmed up a little with the help of the sun and crazy wind.

I was first off the line and held a lead the first lap and a half or so…I even managed to get the prime (score!)  I managed to stay relatively free of mud build until the second lap.  This is when the smart ladies swapped to their pit bikes and smartly to mtn bikes too.  As the mud built up more and more I could barely spin my wheels.  Looking back I probably should have hopped off and cleared out the mud from my wheels and shoes real quick, but I didn’t.

I finished 4th, not bad, but I was certainly a little bummed.  I learned a lot and look forward to my next adventure in SludgeLand.  Good Luck to everyone who races later this weekend.  As the course dries out a little you will be fast and furious!