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Coming Back from Injury

Jenny – our youngest super star on the team – is coming back from injury. Hard to do especially when your season pre-injury is on fire! But it didn’t keep her down. Read more:

In one of the last races of an amazing road season, I had a bad crash. I was racing in the SW4’s in the Littleton Crit. when the person in front of me went down suddenly. She took me out near the end of the race and I broke a small bone in my right hand. Three days later I was getting an x-ray and off the bike! I was out for the rest of the season and had a cast for four weeks. Even though I couldn’t ride outside I was on the trainer everyday getting ready for the upcoming cross season! 


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.16.55 PM

As soon as I got my cast off and got the ‘okay’ from my doctor I was on my bike and had already signed up for my first cross race barely a week later. My first race of the season wasn’t only my first time racing in over 5 weeks, it was also my first cross race as a 3! I was quite nervous to get back out there, but once I lined up and the race started I remembered how much fun cyclocross is! Even though I was dying the entire time I had an amazing time racing with all my teammates again. In the end I got last place but I couldn’t be happier with just finishing! 

Crashing in a race and getting a bad injury can be very discouraging. You just have to jump on the trainer and let yourself heal so you can come back next season stronger than ever!