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Breck Epic Race Report – Kerri takes the WIN!

Kerri is one strong lady on the bike. Put her out there for a 3 day stage race (Breck Epic) in her backyard, and see how much she dominates. 

The Breck Epic in my mind used to be this race that Id never ever consider until this year.  This race is a 6 day stage race all over Summit County on trails up over the ski resort and all over covering pretty much all the single track trails in Breckenridge. There’s a good reason we call it Bikenridge we believe we are blessed with some of the best trails.  there is nothing better than going out for a ride and creating new loops it all seems endless sometimes.

I decided to race but only for the first 3 days so I guess you could say I was Epi-curious.  I went in so nervous not knowing how my body would feel racing 3 days in a row, luckily I was around a house full of winners the whole time. Literally everyone in the house was winning or on the podium for there own category.  It was so cool as I learnt so much from these professionals from calorie intake to stretching and recovering your legs daily.  Not to mention being around others who are racing the whole time is just good because everyone is on the same page.

Day one I was a nervous wreck felt sick to my stomach not knowing what to expect also not knowing exactly who I was racing against so I just rode my race trying to catch who I could and pass them, I honestly didn’t think I did that great but i turns out I did. So that night I received the leaders jersey, Jennifer Barbour who is also on our team podiumed too which was so awesome representing Naked Juice. Its so great to see familiar faces on the podium. That night I had an idea who I was racing against which was great to know mentally,  I’m still a nervous wreck about the next day and how its all going to pan out.  Man!! this race is hard.

Day two I got stuck in the middle of the pack on the start line so I was freaking out about getting ahead before the single track started hmmmm next time when I have a leaders jersey get in the front was on my mind.  Raced my race looking for the ladies I was up against but didn’t see them so I just carried on racing and trying to pick off ladies on the not always an easy task.  day two was a long day especially on a hard tail but ya just soften your grip and relax at this point I was thanking my stars that I only had one more day to go after.  My legs felt pretty good so I just pushed through any pain and carried on till till the end also having tons of fun on the single track ploughing down the mountains trying to not let anyone pass me.  That night I won again yeaaaaa I was super happy to receive the leaders jersey again, Jennifer crushed it again in 3rd on the podium. AWESOME we are all holding our spots so we have to hold on to it now.

Day three I’m feeling pretty tired today but ready to face the challenge I get situated near the front of the pack this time and we are off.  Felt good about where I was until I dropped my chain, oh man that sucked I had to get out of everyone way with everyone flying past so I didn’t get trampled on and once I fixed the problem had to get back in with the bikers.  Ok so i’m hyperventilating a little at this point as i’m stressed to where I got put back in the pack.  I carried on and tried to pass as many as I could without exploding, it was ok but I got stuck with the group that all got off there bikes on a little techy section .  Not much I can do at this point, so I just do my best to pass em and get in a better position.  I carry on and fly down little french the other direction which was great and I see my competition Nicole, ok great I’m back on track so I push really hard to get up french pass as fast as I can so she doesn’t pass me.   Luckily after all of that I did win the last day again woohoooo!!!! I won all three days i’m super happy about that not to mention I’m going to France in 4 days.  Jennifer also held onto her spot in 3rd place, she crushed it great job Jennifer that was not an easy race.

I had succeeded in my big goal for the year and now I’m going on holiday to ride road-bikes in France, life cant get any better.