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Mesa Verde Madness 2014

Race report from our Naked lady who hails from Breckenridge, Kerri! Read more about her 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Experience on her blog. Here’s a teaser:

We are off to the land of Cortez CO Phils World.  I’m super excited for this race as the course is so fun, luckily enough I’m not doing it solo this year.   I’m on a team of two with Zeke, our team name is Naked Stinger as he rides for Honey Stinger and I ride for Naked Juice, Its just makes sense to call it that. I have to say…. all week my nerves have been shot waiting for this race to come as its my first one of the year but now I’m here, think its going to be great.

It’s been a long winter so not a whole lot of peddling has been going on but we just have to embrace what Mother Nature gives to us and find other fun sports to get into. Another awesome part about this trip is the fact that we get to go on a road trip and ride our bikes for a week after the race so that’s super exciting. Read more…