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Mountain Biking Clinic With the Experts

On a cold, ominous day, the Naked ladies on fat tires met up at Valmont Bike Park to learn skills ranging from bunny hoping to manualing and hucking. Check out our slideshow and video. Watch out for us this mountain biking season!

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Big thank you to our instructors for the day, and you should definitely work with them in the future!

David Holshouser is an IMBA Level 2 certified instructor. After 22 years riding a mountain bike, 4 years ago David took a 3 day clinic and discovered how important skills education is. Since then David has studied with Gene Hamilton (, Lee McCormack (, and Shawms March (IMBA lead instructor). 2 world champions and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Skills Development Director. David has been a Boulder Mountain bike Patroller for 6 years. Thank you for the time you’re giving yourself and for allowing me the opportunity to work with you.

Dawna Graham is a fitness trainer with over 13 years experience working with cyclists to improve both their fitness and their skills. Dawna is on the board of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, where she functions as Programs Coordinator, helping to create rides and clinics for cyclists of all abilities. Her specific passion is working with people who are new to cycling to help them discover their “inner athlete”, and growing the cycling community by providing opportunities for all levels of riders. Dawna is also an IMBA level 2 instructor.

Lisa Tharp, an IMIC certified coach, was a late-comer to cycling. At age 21 she fell in love with mountain biking and rode just about every day in her twenties. She quickly progressed in the sport of downhilling and accrued titles such as National Collegiate Champion, Mountain States Cup Champion, US Open Champion, placed top 10 at World Cups and was part of 2007 World Champs team. Now-a-days you’ll find her riding XC, dirt jumping, skatepark and her Schwinn Breezer. Lisa is honored to be your instructor and is eager to help you unlock your potential as a cyclist.