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Fat Tire Flurry Recap

Ingrid participated in the first (annual?) Fat Tire Flurry as a fundraiser with Cyclists For Jamestown. While it was a cold one, she and many others braved it in support for one of our favorite areas to ride that was destroyed by the Boulder floods in September.

I recently got the chance to pin one last race number for 2013 on, and for a good cause. I participated in the “Fat Tire Flurry”, a fun ride from the base of Lefthand Canyon to Jamestown. The roadway and much of the town was devastated by the recent floods, and as a result, closed to cyclists and non residents. The route up Lefthand to James Canyon was opened for cyclists for a few hours on Sunday morning, December 22nd for the brisk charity ride to raise more funds for Jamestown.

Only mountain bikes or CX bikes were allowed, so I dusted off my 1997 aluminum Raleigh, and stuffed my pannier with gear for the descent. It was about 25 degrees when I started, so I knew the descent on snowy and icy roads would be the most challenging part of the ride. A really nice guy in the parking lot offered me a few extra hand warmers which I gladly packed for later. I ended up placing them in between my bootie and shoe right above the foot vent for the descent. What a great idea that was! I’ll remember that trick for later.

Despite being really cold, I had a great time on the ride. I made a new friend on the way up, saw a lot of old cycling friends that I’ve known since I was a teenager. I also got to chat with Jamestown’s Mayor, Tara Schoedinger, an old co-worker of mine, and catch up a bit. Although my strength is track racing, the ride to Jamestown is one of my favorite rides, and has been since I was young. It was sad seeing the state of the roads. There were times when I’d look over and see some of the road paint peeking through the snow cover, noticing the normally center line yellow was now the edge—the entire east bound lane had been washed away.

It was great to see so many people braving the cold and coming together in support of both the residents of Jamestown, and showing respect for the roads we share.

If you’d like to help any of the communities affected by the floods, please visit the Community Foundation of Boulder County.