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5 Reasons to Ride in Inclement Weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. And these brave riders braved the cold with Lanier to prove it!

Cathy Goodheart, Kimberley Turner Johnson, Amelia Messegee and guest rider Connor Livingston braved the cold for our Naked team ride this afternoon.  As the sun peeked out of the clouds, our shadows flew before us and the camaraderie of the paceline kept us warm.  We agreed that riding outside is always best, even if conditions are not ideal.

Why ride in cold, rain or wind when there are plenty of inside training options?  In increasing priority, these are my answers.

5.  Beauty.  Colorado’s scenery is flat-out gorgeous, no matter what the season.  What better way to experience it than riding outdoors?

4.  Pleasure.  Yes, pleasure – just delayed.  For pure indulgence, there is nothing better than sinking into a warm bath after a cold ride.  Well…some things, but it’s a short list.

3.  War stories.  For years to come, you can talk up that time you rode in 100 mph gusts that knocked semis over on the highway, or the ride so cold you had to stay in that bath for an hour to warm up.  Your friends will act horrified, but they secretly admire you.

2.  Quality training.  Many factors of riding outside contribute: variety of terrain, keeping pace with the group, chasing down other cyclists and/or vehicles or simply time trialing to get home as quickly as possible.  You can always get more intensity outside than in.

1.  Readiness.  Inclement weather is inevitable when racing in Colorado.   If you train in poor conditions, you will acquire mental toughness your more delicate competitors may lack.

As long as roads are clear, you will find me outside on the bike all winter long.  Join me!