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Frisco or Brrrrisco?

We are only a few weeks into the CX season and already had some true cyclocross weather! But that didn’t phase (too badly) the Naked ladies from tearing it up! Cathy reports on her stellar podium finish to boot!

I purposely did not pre-register for this race because I saw the weather forecast. Snow and cold.  I even told my husband that we could just go for a drive to see the fall leaves.  I can’t tell you what he actually said, but it basically translates to, “suck it up buttercup, this is ‘cross”.  It’s great having a supportive spouse!

I’d like to report the actual temperature for Frisco this last Saturday, but my mind doesn’t understand temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  Let’s just agree that it was brisk. . .

I was happy that I made the decision to purchase a new long sleeve base layer (thanks to Eric at Bike Source for the help).  I was even happier to find that my tall socks met up with my knee warmers, which meant to no exposed leg skin.  The lovely woman lined up next to me (Kristi Arend) was not so lucky, but it didn’t seem to affect her performance as she shot off the start line and was never seen again. Congrats to her on her first place finish!


There were a few surprises during the women cat 4 race in Frisco.  The first being that it wasn’t too cold after the monster of a start.  The start was up this nice incline that warmed us all up, split up the field and then proceeded to a long, muddy descent.  The second surprise was that I was able to move up throughout the race – a foreign concept to me thus far.  I caught up with Michelle Moffat, who unfortunately misjudged a sharp turn and ran into the course tape.  I am amazed that this doesn’t happen more often – the running in to tape part- as my depth perception is not great, and while the tape is typically brightly colored it can be hard to tell which way to go.  Alas, I was able to make the turn and move up one more spot.  There’s nothing like having a strong racer behind you to light a fire under your butt!  I was able to hang on and finish in 2nd place.  Wha?!? Yes, I was and am still surprised at that one too – surprise number three.

Congrats to Emily Z. for taking third in the SW3 race, and Amanda B. for freezing her booty with us!