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Life can be a lot like bike racing. When things don’t go as planned…

Between floods and a serious home life issue, Cathy had a rough Friday the 13th. But she hung tough and showed that unlucky day who’s boss!

September (Friday) 13th was a terrifying day for me and my husband.  So, when I arrived to the Zero gravel course in Littleton I was terrified in a whole new way!  After all the rain, floods, and trauma folks had gone through, a little mud was fine – right?  After a warm up lap and crash course in bike handling in mud,  my nerves subsided. The second warm up lap was still slippery, but fun!  I hosed off a layer of mud before riding in circles to keep my mind clear.  Did it work? Nope.

The morning prior my five year old daughter had a seizure, and all I could think about was her tiny frozen body.  She was back to her typical self a few hours later; chasing her brother and instigating a wrestling match.  I wavered back and forth as to whether I’d race and decided it would be better to ride my bike rather than stare at my daughter all day.  Still, I had to force myself to get ready and carry on with some semblance of normalcy.  Normal for me is pinning on a number and doing some crazy race.  It’s the best and cheapest form of therapy, and I’m learning that with cyclocross you get more for your money!

With tears on the verge of exploding from my eyes, I lined up and took off with my other crazy peers.  I figured I could harness my emotions for power.  Each lap was harder, more fun, and faster as the sun dried up some of the soggy mud.  I finished with a nice coat of mud and big hug from my daughter!

Izzy (my daughter) is back to her normal shenanigans.  She’s acting and feeling fine.  We had a neurology appointment with the Children’s Hospital, and will do an EEG next week to see what’s going on in her busy brain.  My heart goes out to everybody going through their own tough times right now, and hope that the sun helps with all the floods.

See you at the next CX race!