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Salida Race Report: Never Give Up!

Megan D. is going to explain to you how you can accidentally take a bath in Skratch Labs as well as provide a great report on the very tough Salida Road Race!

I have done the Salida Road Race two years in a row and each time it is the same. Everyone is jittery at the start line, the first lap the adrenaline is out, the second lap my heart rate skyrockets, the third lap I am dropped and want to cry, the fourth lap I just want to keep going (but also just want it to be over), and the fifth (and last, in our case) lap I get a surge of energy and pass several people, making me feel lucky and happy at the end. I finished in 5th place in SW3, which got me “prizes” and made me feel glad I persevered through the pain and mental blocks. I even finished with 2 Cat 2 upgrade points which I never expected.

Salida is a beautiful and humbling road race. It is definitely not boring. Like a triathlon the race will not be won in the first lap but it can be lost. Many people drop out, there are many opportunities for mechanical failure, and it is as hard mentally as it is physically. However the supportive fans, the feed zone, and the weekend of fun make up for all the misery.

It was fun racing the Cat 3 and 4s together as I saw my teammates shine. I was inspired by all the girls I was racing with. I did have stomach troubles throughout the middle of the race, but thankfully the feed zone with fresh water saved me on lap 4. I was motivated knowing we were all in it together, suffering up steep climbs, and flying down fun descents. The finishing sprint is long and rewarding. The rain came and went throughout the day but the course stayed safe!

July has been a crazy month for me. My training hours dropped by a factor of two, as I am planning last minute details for my wedding, recovering from a hamstring injury, and taking on a larger role (longer hours) at work. I had a lot of insecurities when it came to bike racing. However I found each race rewarding and motivating. I found the other faster girls inspiring and friendly. I found my teammates supportive. And I even found some humor along the way.

In sum, after three years of bike racing, I still learn something from every race, and I still make novice mistakes. Here are some “mistakes” I made yesterday, that I can laugh about now:

  1. I accidentally took a bath in my Skratch mix on Saturday night, thinking it was Epsom salt.
  2. I managed to lose my gels on the way to race start and tried something new during the race. Stomach unhappy.
  3. I drank 4 coffees/espressos the morning of the race. Stomach unhappy.

At the end of the day though, we are all winners, and each race is a new opportunity. I may not have much, if any, racing left this year, but I am excited for what is to come. For instance, Katie Harrer, new to racing this year, is dominating the Cat 4s with a state crit championship, and podium finishes in time trials and RMRC Cup to boot. Maria Petzgold is our newly crowned mountain goat, can’t wait to see her shine as she is already excelling, brand new to the sport. So proud of Lanier for being our top Cat 3 racer for the region, throughout the season.

Keep up the good work everyone!