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Sharon brings home gold in the Macabbi Games Road Race!

Last report from Israel from Sharon at the Macabbi Games Road Race…and spoiler alert! She brought home the gold!!

It’s time to drink, celebrate and tour the country.

Today was the road race. 6 laps over a 6 mile course. The course was very hilly (perfect for me) with fast downhill’s and sharp turns.

Only 9 girls raced. 8 Israeli’s and me. I have no clue what happened to Australia, Argentina and Canada. I think the course scared them. So many of these people, both men and women, do not race or train on hills and it was a very tough course.

We started a couple of minutes after the master’s men. It was balls out from the start. I told myself to hang on. I knew they were all going to blow up because there was no way we could hold this pace for 6 laps. We were even passing several of the men.

Once we got into the second lap, just as I thought, everyone blew up. A pro athlete and a junior took off but I couldn’t hang on. A 30’s master tried to hang on but she couldn’t so I said to her let’s work together. You’re ahead of your competitor and I’m ahead of mine. She was lovely. We worked together for the whole race. I would not have wanted to be on this hot course alone.

She knew people all over the course so we were constantly getting handed water to drink and thrown on us. We knew the time gaps because they kept us informed. There were people cheering for USA all over the course. It was such a great feeling. USA men and several of the other men from the other countries were dropping like flies. The heat was hard on so many of the riders. I trained in the heat before I came here so I was prepared.

I passed my other master lady around 3 laps so I knew I had the gold if I stayed upright. They were suppose to pull her from the course but didn’t. The other 2 juniors got lapped and were pulled.

I pushed myself up the last hill and sprinted to the finish to win the gold. The girl with me who was in the 30’s came in 1 sec. behind me. I was 1st in masters and 3rd among all the women.

It was amazing to see all the people at the finish and all the USA men who were thrilled to see me pull off another great race.

This has been a great experience. I have met so many wonderful people but I am excited it is over. It is very hard racing in a foreign country and it makes me appreciate what we have back in the states.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and love you have given me over the past year.