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RMSG – Track Edition

Rocky Mountain States Games on the track took place this weekend and our trackies were out there en force. Read more from Amanda Cyr!

After racing against the big girls Friday night, slinging each other in the Madison, and a late night of adrenaline rushes The Boss and I headed back to the track to compete in the Rocky Mountain State Games.  On tap for the track edition was the flying 200, scratch, points, and 500 meter. Just in case you haven’t been reading our other blogs here is a super speedy run down.

Flying 200: 2 lap wind up to speed and then timed over the last 200 meters. Fastest time makes you winner

Scratch: 10 laps and whoever crosses the finish line first is winner winner

Points: 20 laps with points awarded every 5 laps for the first 4 people across the line (5,3,2,1). Most points is winner.

500: Held start (like a TT) with opponent across track, gun goes off, you go real fast for 500 meters or until you die.

Ok, got it? Great, it is about time.

I decided to go big or go home with my gear for the flying 200 but to be honest I was scared I wouldn’t be able to even turn the pedals. With the Boss starting right behind me I have to say the pressure was on. I ended up taking a not so desirable line coming out of the last corner but was still able to set a PR. Next up… the Boss. I knew I had the lead up to her ride but wasn’t sure I had set a good enough time to fend off the beast. We ended up taking 1st and 2nd!

Overall up to this point: Amanda 1st, Boss 2nd.

Next up was the 10 lap scratch. The pace was definitely manageable and no one was feeling any wild spurs to attack too early thankfully. As we were coming out of turn 4 heading into the start of the last lap the rider in front of me swerved very dramatically forcing me to either let off the gas and kiss my placing goodbye or make an aggressive move and come up and over 3 riders wide. I jumped hard but who was right there in the sprinter lane not giving up any daylight? The Boss. I kicked and came down over her. We finished the scratch 1st and 3rd.

Overall to this point: Amanda 1st, Boss 2nd with her best event up next.

Points races are not my favorite. You gotta do math and sprint and they are long and keep track of who has what and where and god I am exhausted just thinking about it. I knew the Boss would be out to put her hurt on me and everyone else there. I made sure to keep myself in the points but what can I say, she is a much smarter and more aggressive racer! The Boss took 2nd and I took 3rd.

Overall to this point: Amanda 1st and Boss 2nd but only 2 points separated us which meant the overall win would come down to the very last event. Also, 2 other girls were very close to us and are both great 500m racers. Choke choke choke.

My worst fear of having to duke it out with the Boss across the track from me was now a reality. To make it worse everyone was trying to really psych me out before we went off. Thanks “friends” I was very aware of who I was lining up against, don’t need your help!

Standing starts have not been my strength so having to get off the line and up to full speed in 500 meters is extra hard if you don’t really get off the line. We both got to our positions and got all clipped in and ready to box. 5,4,3,2,1 we were off. The Boss in her aero bars and me praying for death we finished without knowing how either person had done or our times. I knew I had pushed myself because my legs were on fire…wait correction more like FI-yah. I ended up setting a PR and getting under 40 seconds which was something I never thought I would be able to do.

Overall: I LOVE LOVE LOVE racing my teammate, mentor, friend, and boss. She pushes me in every way and yet takes the time to teach me while she makes me hurt.

Naked had a great podium day at the track today with a 1st and 2nd! More importantly we had a blast with lots of laughs and encouragement for each other.

Amanda Cyr