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Junior Track Nationals

Anna is representing at Junior Track Nationals! Here’s here take on the first two races, and stay tuned for 4 more!

Today was officially the first day of track nationals. We woke up at 7am went for breakfast and headed to the track around 8:15. When we got to the track we found the Lawrence’s to set up and get ready. I got on the track for my warm up, I did a 20 minute warm up with one jump. At 8:50 the race officials closed the track. At this point it was 61 degrees! Most of the parents were complaining about how cold it was and that it was too cold to race. Most of the juniors from Colorado thought it was pretty nice out.

At 9am the races were off, I didn’t race until noon so I just sat around and spun my legs to keep them moving. Durning one of the junior men 15-16 point race qualifying heats three men went down right behind our tent. They are all ok, but one of the guys front wheel was broken. After ten minutes they got up and walked off the track. At noon the junior women were up for the flying lap, Laurel Rathbun was the first 17-18 to go off then me. After Laurel passed me the holder pushed me and I was off and ready to get on the track. When I passed the finishing line I saw that there was two laps to go so I started to move up track to get in the best jump that I could. At corner 3 I got up out of my saddle and started to sprint. At this point I don’t really know what happened. I just pedaled as fast as I could and hope that it was good enough. I ended up in 6th overall with a time of 24 seconds. Pretty good for being off my bike for 18 months!

After the flying lap we had the 30 lap points race. One of my favorite races.. Not! This races was fun but hard. We started with a neutral lap then the attacks started to happen once the gun went off. After two laps a few girls went off the front and held it for the entire race. With 20 laps to go I dropped of the back, the pace was just a tad too fast for me. I ended up lapping a girl and told her to get on my wheel so we could work together. That didn’t happen, I pulled her for 18 laps.. Yay… With two laps to go the girl tried to pass me but it didn’t work. As I saw her coming on the outside, I made the pace faster and she couldn’t pass me so she just sat behind me for the rest of the race. I ended up in 6th and am currently siting in 6th overall. I have one more race tonight and three tomorrow morning. More to come!