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Sharon takes gold at the Maccabi Games in the TT!!!!

I’m going to begin my writing with the night before the race.  I was so nervous I could barely eat and I couldn’t even finish my glass of wine.  Have you ever heard of me not finishing a glass of wine? My goal was to be in bed at 7 but that didn’t happen.  Finally made it to bed after 9 and alarm went off at 2:30.  Did I sleep between 9 and 2.  NO!

Off we set with a driver to the race at Kibbutz Godat.  A 2 ½ hour drive.  Needless to say the way they drive here we made it in 2 hours.  Gave me plenty of time to go check the course out and get a good warm up in. I had dinner with Canada’s tri coach the other night and he was telling me about the strong female rider he had and I heard the Israeli riders were strong. Hearing that didn’t help with my nerves.  In my field we had women from Canada, Argentina, Australia and Israel.

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At the start you had your choice between a regular start or a ramp start.  I have never done a ramp start and all the women before me weren’t so I opted out. I could see me doing a nosedive.  It would actually have been to my advantage to start on the ramp but I need to build a ramp at home and practice.

Start times were a minute a part.  Out of the shoot I go.  I pass the first woman not to far out.  Kept going, passed another and another.  At that point I quit counting.  My heart rate was sky high but I felt great.  I could be 20 beats lower in CO and it hurts so much more than here.  Racing at sea level rocks.  The course was rolling hills with a pretty good climb up to the turn around then a nice steep climb to the finish.  My kind of course.

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Tri Guy

I wasn’t sure how I did because I knew an Israeli woman was semi close.  Jon said, “I nailed it”.  That I did.  I beat the 2nd place woman by 6 minutes.  I got 3rd overall in all the women.  What a great moment for me winning the gold for team USA.  We had podium finishes in all the guys age groups.  It was a great day for Team USA in cycling.

The next race, which is supposed to be a road race, is Thurs.  I call it a circuit race.  It’s a 6 mile loop and we race it 6 times.  All the women are starting together which is great for me.  I also hear it has a couple of good climbs.  I love those climbs.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to Jerusalem and be a tourist then on Tues. we are suppose to go ride the race course if a phantom bus shows up.  I’ll keep you informed of the next race.  Thanks for following me in Israel.

 Time Trial Gold