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Jenny’s State Championship Win on Mt. Evans

Our juniors are some tough cookies. One took the Hill Climb State Championships after returning from Nationals and Anna is heading to Track Nationals! Keep up with these tough ladies who are mature beyond their years on our blog. We couldn’t be more proud. Here’s Jenny‘s race report on the ominous Mt. Evans. 

Last weekend I raced the Mt. Evans Hill Climb State Championships in the junior women 15-16 category. The junior race started at Echo Lake, at an altitude 10,600 ft. I have raced this Hill Climb two times before, winning in 2012 and breaking the previous record. Going into the race I was pretty confident but also nervous because I assumed one of my main competitors was probably going to do the race as well. Since I couldn’t find the list of people who had signed up for the race I had no idea how many people would show up. But once I got to the race and got my number I realized I was, yet again, the only one in my category. All I had to do now was finish the race and I would be a State Champion!

The car ride up took about 45 minutes on a curvy canyon rode. The night before I was so anxious to race that I barely got any sleep! When we arrived at the race all I saw were Black Sheep Junior Cyclists in black and green clothes taking up the entire parking lot. I started to warm up on my trainer, but they started calling up the categories early. I was a little unorganized and was worried that I would miss my start! Luckily I got to the start line in time but I wasn’t sure I warmed up enough. Since I was the only girl in my category the race officials let my start with the junior men 15-16. As soon as the race started the boys attacked right away like they usually do and just raced at a fast pace. Since I had no competition in this race I just stuck in the back. I only stuck with them for about three minutes before the stragglers off the back started making it hard for me to keep up with them. All of the boys who couldn’t keep up with the main pack would get in my way as they fell off the back and I had to sprint a few times to catch back up. After a few more minutes of barely hanging on to the back I decided I would just let them go and pick off the trail of juniors in front of me. At around mile three, a few juniors in the categories below me started to pass me. I stuck with the junior boys 13-14 for a couple seconds when they were going too hard for me to keep up. I rode alone for a while, going a slow 9 mph when another small group of boys caught me. This group was easier to stick with for a couple of minutes until one junior boy attacked around a curve and sprinted on a long flat part. That attacked strung out our tiny group and everyone stood up, struggling to keep up. I had three more miles to go.
I looked ahead and could see a long, flat road ahead of me and I could barely make out the other racers way in front of me. Then I looked back and I couldn’t see anyone else. I was above the tree line and the wind started to pick up. It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies. I looked down the huge cliff and saw a lake below. Finally I went around a corner thinking the finish line wouldn’t be too far in the distance, only to realize I had another two miles to go! Going up hill with the wind in my face made me notice how sore my legs were getting. I knew I didn’t warm up enough and my legs started to show it. One more person passed me then I was alone for the rest of the race. I looked down at my computer and saw that I had raced about eight miles so far and the finish should be around one of these corners! At last I passed a group of people standing on the side of the road who told me the finish was right around the upcoming corner. I was getting excited and started to pick up speed. I was very relieved once I rounded the corner and finally saw the finish! Even though I was already going to win the race I sprinted to the line anyway. Technically, I won by default, but I am happy with my win!