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Cat 3 State Criterium Championships!

Megan D. shares a play by play through the contributions of her teammates in the Longmont Criterium Senior State Championships race this weekend. Great teamwork!

Longmont Crit: The Fastest Race of the Year

In my experience, Longmont Crit is always the fastest race of the year. The pace is fast and they payoff is big. We raced yesterday for the SW3 state criterium championship. At 40 minutes of racing an average of 25 mph, it was all I could do to just hang on. My teammates on the other hand were fierce and fearless.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight my teammates’ strengths, as well as ways I could stand to improve in crit racing. I learn from every race, and am always inspired by the girls around me. We had seven girls in the race from Naked yesterday, and everyone went all out for the team.

Lanier Allen: Perpetual podium finisher, Lanier is an aggressive bike racer and always looks for the perfect opportunity to sprint, position, and attack. Lanier is not afraid to take risks and is always willing to give her everything for the team. Lanier was our team leader, finishing 3rd in the State Championship in her first year as a Cat 3, and she did a lot of work throughout the race as well.

Megan Carrington: Megan C joined us in her first crit of the year, and she quickly got to the front, controlled the race, and about dropped half the field on many occasions with here grueling pace. Her name was constantly on the announcer’s tongue, as she pushed us through the middle of the race with great intensity. Megan is an extremely strong racer, and had raced well on the MTB the day before!

Amanda Cyr: Amanda is certainly the strongest sprinter on our Cat 3 squad, with several state track championships too. Fortunately Amanda is also a glutton for punishment, and can be convinced to do just about anything on a bike. Thus after doing two days of extremely intense world-class track racing, she joined us for Longmont Crit, and provided a steady wheel to me throughout. Amanda is great at closing down gaps, and has more potential in crit racing than probably any of us 🙂

Cathy G: Cathy is consistent and an excellent bike handler, Cathy is always safe and cool and calm. Cathy always gives her all and also always gives me great advice after the race, for ways to improve!
Susan H: Susan H always gives it her all from the gun (hence always putting the field in shock with immediate fast pace). Susan is excellent at getting primes and doing work for her teammate. Congrats on yet another prime yesterday at Longmont!
Kathryn Winn: Kat is the best pack rider I’ve seen in the Cat 3 women. She always positions herself well (I find myself thinking, I need to be where Kat is!) and is great at drafting, bike handling, and sprinting. Yesterday she was up front the whole race, and sacrificially buried herself completely to put Lanier on the podium!
And what do I learn from all this? In the past year, I have gotten better at cornering and bike handling, but I am still not comfortable riding in the middle of the pack on corners. I am hesitant to take risks, and I am just recently learning to sprint. I am getting better at responding to accelerations (bring on the pain train) but am usually starting the sprint from the very back. I need to gain confidence and get up front and continue to work on my skills and achieve results.I may never be a great crit racer, but considering 2 years ago I got dropped and finished second to last in the Cat 4 state crit, I was very happy to finish in the Top Half yesterday, in our biggest crit field yet, 27 riders! I’d say I’ve come a long way, and that’s a good start 🙂

Way to go Naked!