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Track Tuesday Naked Style

This past Tuesday night there were 12 women who raced the Tuesday Track race with 3 of them being Naked ladies.  The Boss, The Junior, and myself have never all raced together so I was pretty stoked and also super intimidated.  Both of my track teammies are fierce experienced track racers and I really am just faking it.  I made some goals for the night and here are a couple.  1) Don’t be a complete mess 2) Don’t embarrass my teammies and 3) Don’t lose my job.

Sounds pretty easy for most but I was in zone 5 just driving to the track and was told on the way down “you have a job tomorrow unless you beat me tonight”.  So yeah, there is that.

Now for most of you I am going to assume you don’t know what the different races are for track so I will explain a wee bit.  Note: I always have to wikipedia the race flyer the morning before I race because I still don’t know what all of them mean. Oh and also note that there were 4 categories for this night of racing.  “A” (very very fast), “B” (very fast), “C” (fast), and Women.  Because The Boss signed up to race with the “B” group AND Women’s group of course The Junior and I also did.. can’t look like a slouch when she is around.  The Boss, The Junior, and I raced all 5 races but to spare you the time I am only going to give the play by play for 3 of them.  You are welcome.

Race 1: “A/B” 10 Lap Point-a-Lap

Neutral start where everyone stays together for the first lap around the track and when the gun is fired and after my heart explodes out of fear from that sound the group takes off.  Both A’s and B’s were combined to make for a bigger field and really scare the ba-jesus out of me.  This was by far the biggest track field I have ever been in and it was definitely intimidating.  When the gun went off so did the big boys… oh and The Boss.  As she is pulling around me she says “let’s go Amanda”.  Blerg.  Who invited her?  It is not the easiest thing to get to your position, work your way up, move around the group, pick the right lines, and also find the best wheels when you are flying in circles with no brakes.  With the command to “go” I had no choice though.  Time to try to just stay on her wheel was my thought.  Again, who invited her?

How the winner is determined you ask?  Points are awarded each lap with 1 point for the first person across the line per lap.  Who ever has the most points at the end is the winner winner.  Not only do you have to sprint every single lap but you also have to be good at math.  Yes, this should be a good fit for me but these races are so fast and your brain is so oxygen deprived that I never have a clue if and how many points I have.  The three Naked trackies finished with the lead group thanks to following The Boss but I couldn’t tell you who had what points even if you paid me.

Race 2: Women 1km Scratch

This time the 12 women lined up together to play a little cat and mouse game.  After the neutral start you have 3 laps to be the first person across the line.  The game comes in because if you make the attack early and someone is able to stick on your wheel they can sling around you at the last minute since they got a free ride and you’ve just used up a lot of your energy.  Lots of looks, measuring up, and positioning happened during the first lap.  “Who was going to make the move, where were certain people, how am I feeling compared to her, how long could I hold this pace if I jumped here, etc…”  I am not sure exactly who made the big jump but it was quickly down to one lap to go with Kirsten Williams, The Boss, and I coming into turn 3 hot.  I decided to try to spread my wings a little and attempt to come around The Boss and hopefully catch Kirsten.  I wasn’t sure if this was going to work at all but in a last second effort I came up the banking a bit to then use that momentum to swoop down into the sprinters lane.  Cool moment: The Boss said when I passed her it made a “wooossshhhh” noise… yeah, that made my day.  Best moment: I realized I couldn’t catch Kirstin at the line so I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I decided to save a little energy and not fully sprint.  Right as I am approaching the line I see an oh so familiar face out of the corner of my eye.  The Boss had been on my wheel and saw my “sit up” moment and pounded LIKE A BOSS… so sneaky and so smart!

Race 3: Women Unknown Distance

This one should be pretty easy to understand.  The women once again started with a neutral start but we had no idea when the gun would be fired to signal race on and we also had no idea how long we were racing.  I assumed we would make it a lap before the gun went off so when it fired almost immediately I didn’t know what the heck was going on but saw The Junior and The Boss go so I just followed, typical.  About 2 laps into the race The Junior went on an attack like a fearless wild flying monkey.  Kirsten jumped right with her and was hot on her wheel.  Since she had been the one to beat all night I decided to just race side by side with her almost bumping elbows.  I knew that Kirsten couldn’t get around Anna if I rode that close and that if I needed to just go I would have no one blocking me.  The only risky part of this rubbin’ is racin’ style is that it really becomes a battle between two people and both of you are burning yourself up with no end in sight.  How long can I hurt like this?  Thankfully after about 5 laps the one lap to go bell was rung.  I was still right next to Kirsten with The Boss right on her tail.  Naked finished the unknown distance 2, 3, and 4!

What a night!  I had the best time getting to go fast with my Naked teammies.  It is nights like this that fuel the fire for me and remind me why I LOVE THE TRACK.  Stay tuned for more tales from the track.  This weekend The Junior and I will be racing State Championship and each of us are going to our respective Nationals within the next two months.  Go fast, take chances!