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Naked Nails It

We had 10 women today at Guanella Pass Hill Climb, with over 40 women showing up in the Cat 4 field. To boot, we landed on the podium today twice! Great race, from Noodles perspective. 

The race up Guanella Pass this morning was a beautiful, fun race and great chance for riders to put their climbing legs, and lungs to the test.  For a few Naked Cat 4’s this was their first hill climb race ever.  The morning started out brisk but sunny with racers setting up trainers, finishing up coffee, and applying the oh so important sunscreen.  It was quickly discovered that Sharon Madison and I were both sporting bright and colorful team-spirited nail polish– probably the best discovery of the morning, second only to finding out I was parked close to the port-a-potty’s.  The day=off to a good start.

Naked teammates warmed up as best we could despite shifting issues for Amanda 1.0, and me accidentally sending my last water bottle up with the clothing van, Rachel and Katie were well prepared (well Rachel didn’t preregister but figured out the situation) and came to the rescue and we made it to the start line with time to spare.
Neutral start through town and the climbing began.  Grades never go too steep and the altitude was more bearable than I expected.  But enough on the climbing already, let’s get to the top.  On pulling through the finish I heard the awesome news that Naked racer Melissa Langdon won for the 4’s!  This did not come as a surprise because everyone on Naked knows she is a mountain goat of sorts, but it’s impressive nonetheless since this was her first hill climb race.  Go Melissa.  What an exciting accomplishment.
Beautiful views at the top, fun, speedy descent, and great racing for Naked all around.  Loving being a part of this team.  That about sums it up.
Naked train keeps on chuggin.  Next stop- Mt. Evans.