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Day 4 of TOAD – Oh Boy Sheboygan

Amanda 2.0 shares the final days of racing for the Naked Cat 3s and 4s. Stay tuned for more from Berta as she competes with the Pro 1/2s in the upcoming road races. 

For the Naked grand finale, we had practically perfect weather, course and field size. Todays course was a large rectangle, four easy 90 degree corners and pancake flat. Since today was our last day, we decided to leave it all in Sheboygan– no guts, no glory. Each of us had something specific we wanted to either work on or apply a learning from the last few days.

We all learned whose wheels are safe to follow and whose are sketchtastic. Not to sound too ‘Colorado proud’ but we really do race with some of the best. The Primal and Natural Grocer women were like extended teammates this weekend and we hope to hear great results as they continue racing.

The race was rather uneventful (which was good given the last 3 days) but Naked was in the mix the entire race. With six laps to go, Jamie launched a rocket attack and was able to keep away from the peloton for 1.5 laps. With two laps to go, after Kat and 2.0 exchanged meows, it was decided that Kat should go for it as she was feeling stronger. Kat was able to get a great top 10 finish today and 2.0 was able to keep her 15th in the GC.

With bellys full of cheese curds, BBQ, brats, leinenkugels, New Glarus, Lake House Lite Pilsner and many, many bottles of wine, we draw these conclusions from Tour of Americas Dairylands (ToAD):

1. The best way to learn how to race a crit is four consecutive days with large fields of unknowns.
2. Crashes happen but pride that comes from getting back up and trying again lasts forever.
3. We learned that we can hold our own among the top womens 3/4 field racers in the nation.
4. Wisconsin is a lot farther than we thought it was.
5. We couldn’t have done any of this without our amazing host family, the Kruses and thank you Kat for putting this all together.

We will be back next year ToAD but this time, we will definitely be racing all 10 days. So be ready for us…