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Day 3: Waukesha

Jamie and Naked company avoid crash city at Tour of America’s Dairy Land during Day 3!

What we thought would be a nice change of weather, ended up being our Achilles heal. Little did we know, there is sunshine and this thing called humidity in Wisconsin. With temperatures already in upper the 80s and humidity registering at 70 percent, we were dying just walking to the port-a-potty/saunas.

Amanda 1.0 and I decided that today would be our day to experiment. New warm up routine, new supplements, new hydration techniques and new race face. After a 15 minute, hot-intensity so-called warm up, the women lined up 10 minutes before the start time, which is becoming our routine.

Today’s course featured two greater than 90 degree turns, a long hill and a fast descent into one of those tricky corners. As soon as the whistle blew, this race was hot with speed. Before corner 2, a group of four had broken off the front, one of which was 2.0 with Kat holding back the main group. The pelaton eventually pulled them back in but did not turn off the gas at all. At approximately 20 minutes into the race, a rider took corner number 1 too wide, pushing her into a curb, creating carbon fiber carnage behind her. 2.0, Kat and myself shot to the right of her avoiding the pile up while 1.0 got a head start on her cyclocross bunny hop practice. We all fought to catch back on to the main group which had got a break away to shred the group following the crash. With 7 laps to go and no free lap in effect, the crashed riders were brought back into the pack to cause another crash in the same corner by the same riders. This time 2.0 was again caught up in the crash aftermath. Kat and I were able to stay with the lead group, avoid crash #2 and finish with the pack.

But wait there is another crash…

As the sprinters came across the line, another crash happened when two riders did not see each other and t-boned into each other. Overall, today’s race was not only hot and humid but also very technical and treacherous. All four of the naked cat 3/4 racers finished in one piece, which was a win for sure.

Post race Amanda 1.0 and I decided the best way to recover after brats and beers was a dip in Lake Michigan in approximately 50 degree water. One more day to go and already wishing we were here longer.