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Tour of Nowhere Fast

Day 2 of the Toad Cross Country Road Trip Team.  Will they ever make it to Wisconsin?  Here is Tami‘s report from hours 8-17 in the car.

Fueled by free hotel breakfast fake eggs, sausage and fresh but not so fabulous coffee, the four of us hit the road for day 2 of the dairyland adventure.

Highlights were many.  We ate ‘joegurt’- Greek frozen yogurt, watched Amanda 2.0 foam roll on the car floor and then promptly fall asleep, congratulated ourselves on evading dead dog, and then finally arrived at the home of our awesome


First thing on the agenda was a nice ride in the Wisconsin countryside, and then a desperate dash for food for the four ornery and underfed road trippers. After a delicious dinner prepared by our kind host family, and welcoming Kat after her long luxurious flight, it is not even 9:00 and the Amandas are already tucked in on their way to dreamland in dairyland.
Tomorrow should be pretty straightforward- Race, stuff our face, and then head to the lake.