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Tour of America’s Scaryland Day #1

The racing has begun for our Naked Dairylanders.  Here is Amanda 1.0 account of the 3/4 race.

If you want to go to an out-of-state race, first rule is to not go with me if you want to have a good time. Both out-of-state races had a similar day 1- torrential downpours, lightening and tornado warnings. Pre-riding in the rain was chilly and wet. Realizing that your soggy chamois is no longer comfortable on “Chafin Road” while warming up should have sealed the deal of not participating in this race but we drove 1,200 miles and there was no turning back. We roll up for staging with ten minutes until the beginning of the race, we are all warmed up and ready to start, then over the loud speaker the voice exclaims that, “Race is delayed. Everyone take cover.” We return to the car to stay protected from the rain, to eat chocolate and to cool down.

Forty-five minutes later, the puddled soaked race begins. Several women voice concerns about racing in the rain. Going into a wet, slick corner, one woman hits the rear wheel of 2.0 and the crashes begin. She now has a tramp stamp  (not surprising) with the word “Continental 4000” on her back. People are sliding out and others swerve to miss them. This splits the pack. 2.0 immediately jumps back on her bike, rides to neutral support to get her handlebars fixed and then jumps back in. She stays with the lead pack the whole time, while the remainder of the Naked women chase them. Shallane Fancher from Primal won and the Naked ladies did well overall. We were proud to finish and started to look forward to Day 2 of crit racing by celebrating with BBQ and jalapeño cheese curds. Hopefully Day 2 will have more promising weather but we will see… I am still here with them, lucky ladies.