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TOAD and the Naked Journey Across Middle America

Follow our Naked ladies as they race through Wisconsin competing in Tour of America’s Dairy Land! Amanda 2.0 shares the first story and the racing hasn’t even begun.

Jamie, Noodles (Tami), Amanda 1.0, and Amanda 2.0 have set out to try to cut the cheese at Tour of Americas Dairyland.  With their Garmin’s turned on to crush some Strava segments and chamois cream flowing here is their journey.

“I need to drink now so I have time to sober up to drive later” said 1.0 as we pulled out of her driveway at 6 last night.  The car was loaded to capacity and already the good times started flowing.

Jamie took the first shift of what has become the drive across no mans land.  Big kudos to the men and women cyclist who ride the oh so long, oh so flat, and oh so boring roads of Eastern Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.   Jamie decided to take a monster pull and took us from Denver all through the night to our first resting place.

Our first squabble came over what audio book to listen to late last night.  “50 Shades of Grey” was the initial favorite but Noodles (Tami) vetoed it since she had already read it many times.   We decided on “Bossypants” by Tina Fey and immediately decided she should join Naked because she gets us.

As the schlep through the night kept on and on and on and on and on not a lot really happened other than almost hitting a deer, Tami and Amanda 1.0 having a picnic in the back floorboard, Tami eating ground food in honor of Mama Joan, Amanda 1.0 passing out first (wine induced), Amanda 2.0 stressing about the quality of gas station food, and Jamie trying to lay on a pillow while driving.  It was a LONG night.  Whose idea was this?

We finally pulled into our hotel at 3:30am with alarms set for 7:30.  We hit the door with just enough time to brush teeth, change out of chamois, and spoon with your bed mate for a quickie.

Thursday we tackle the final leg of the trip that just won’t quite.  We are updating twitter via @wineandoreos with 140 characters worth of pics, tips, and wit.  Stay tuned.

-Amanda Cyr