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Team Naked leaves all they have on RTR

Sharon, Melissa, and Lanier finish up Ride the Rockies strong and leave it all out in the mountains. Read the recap on days 6 and 7 here. Go to to view videos and pictures of all 7 days.

Day 6: Salida to Canon City. 93.5 miles, 4,455 elevation gain, Hardscrabble Pass

Today we started at Big Dog Coffee shop, in Salida. Today was our reroute day. We ended up doing 105 miles because we ride to the hotel. It was the most beautiful of all the days. We went through Westcliffe and up Hardscrabble Pass.  In my 9 years of doing RTR I have never done this pass.

Lanier didn’t ride with us today. She had to rest her engine for state TT and was heading back to Denver. We started with our group of 6 including Kris (303 cycling). He took the day off from the Naked girls the day before but really missed us so jumped back on the Naked train today.

Today we all split up after the first aid station because Dr. Sean was having mechanical issues.  We made Melissa stay with him so Sam and I didn’t have to kill ourselves going up the pass with that Mtn. goat. Smartest thing we did all week. We all regrouped at the next aid station and finished together. We were so excited to get out of our chamois.  We had a lot of chamois time today.

Day 7 : Canon City to the finish in Colorado Springs.  47 miles and 2243 elevation gain. 

Today we rode to Florence so everyone could have their coffee. Since today was a short day to the finish we decided we had to leave it all out there.  Sam was talking smack to me last night telling me I wasn’t pushing myself this week as hard as I could.  Don’t tell Mama that.  I was out to kick butt today.  I knew we had some climbing so that was where I was going to have to put the pressure on.

I was talking with Ron Kiefel this morning, so he knew Melissa and I had a plan of attack on the climbs.  First big climb kept pace up, but couldn’t shake anyone. I picked up more steam and everyone attacked.  I thought I had it, then Sam flies by me going over the crest of the hill. Urgh!!! All of a sudden Ron appears and said, ” get on my wheel you have another hill and another chance.” I grab his wheel and we pass my group. He pulled me for a long time then when the next climb came he went over and said,” go get it.” Away I went and the only one who could stay with me was Dr. Sean and we hoofed it to the next aid station. He let me suck his wheel and gave me the win. I had to win one of the stages of RTR.

We finished the day with a few more attacks but pretty much stayed together.  It was another great year with Melissa and Sean.  Sam was a great addition to our group and we loved hanging with Kris ( 303 Cycling) for the week.  Sean’s teammate Todd from Alchemist rode with us all week, and Erik from Aspen joined our group letting the Naked girls drag him around all week.  I highly recommend this event to everyone.  You meet great people, eat, drink and ride your bike everyday. Can’t get more pro then that.

Thanks for following us all week and reading our blogs.