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The Naked Train goes Pro…….

Day 4 of Ride the Rockies. Pagosa Springs to Alamosa, 92 long windy miles with 4,678 elevation

Coffee shop start again.  Late start again. No one listens to Mama when it comes to our start time. Lanier ditched us.  She beat us up for 3 days then decides to save herself for the state TT.  What’s up with that?

We’ve not only caught the attention of all the riders this week but the RTR crew as well.  Agent Orange writes all over the road with jokes, caution signs etc… he does this the day before we ride the route. It is to keep you entertained as you ride.  A couple nights ago his 11 year old daughter and a friend had dinner with us.  We told Sam she had to filter because of the young ones. Needless to say, she dropped a few words which she shouldn’t have.  Today, within a mile out of the shoot, on the road in big orange letters is “filter Sam filter”.

After we did a P&P (pee and peel) we headed up Wolf Creek Pass. Going up I saw an old arch rival and a full on testosterone fest took place.  Melissa and Sam hung on for dear life. Then I settled back into a tempo pace but Melissa took off to win Queen of the Mountain.

After a couple photo ops at the top we started our descent.  Someone took a picture of the Naked Train descending but we have no clue who. It was posted on Facebook.

At about mile 32-92 we had a pretty flat ride into Alamosa.  On this section the Naked Train attracted way to many people. We kept having to slow down or speed up to break up the train.

Ron Kiefel (owner of Wheatridge Cyclery and 1985 stage winner of Giro d’ Italia) came up to me and said, ” Sharon can I have a one day pass and join your train”. I said, “hop on”.  He’s a great person to ride with on the flats. The wind was nasty so Ron took control of the group of 10 and told us where to rotate into the wind and had us echelon in a quick rotation.

The last 10 miles were a sufferfest because of the wind.  Everybody dropped off and imploded. I had a massage at 2 which I wasn’t going to miss, so Sam and I pushed it in grabbing a couple of guys to help us. With 5 miles left I started falling apart so Sam put Mama on her wheel and brought me in with 5 minutes to spare for our massages.

It was a long windy day in the saddle but it was a fun day by all.  Tomorrow we head to Salida. Another long day. 84 miles with 1,631 elevation gain. We will be heading up Poncha Pass.