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The Naked Train heads to Durango

Day 2 of RTR:  64 miles and 3,442 elevation gain. Catch Day 1 here.

Melissa and I survived the night without getting bed bugs.  We were a little concern about that.  Not the best conditions in that place.

The Naked train consisted of a few more people today. Sharon, Lanier, Melissa, Sam, Kris (303Cycing), Dr. Sean, Sean’s friend Todd and Melissa’s friend Ryan.

We met at Spruce Coffee House in Cortez. At 7:30 it was time to head down the road. We had a steady 50 mile climb ahead of us. After a 15 minute warm-up the testosterone kicked in. We set off at a blistering pace. We had several people try to jump on the train but none of them could hold the pace. Finally, Sam went up to Ryan, who was pulling, and told him to dial it down. We thought about alternating boy and girl to keep the boys reined in. We were not very successful.

When we got to the top of Hesperus Hill, our 50 mile point, Lanier decided to take off.  The only thing I could do is buckle down and grab her wheel. Melissa stayed on mine.  Next thing I know, 3 guys hop on her wheel and they kept going faster and faster. I let them rotate and just hung on. When we got back, I asked Lanier to check her Strava to see how fast she went and it was 55 miles’s per hour! I prefer not to go over 53. Apparently, she got 6 QOM today as well as the fastest descent.  Do not get in Lanier’s way on any descent.

Dr. Sean is our man slave this week.  Several people have already commented that he needs to be in a Naked kit.  Problem is yesterday he leaned his bike on someone’s car, left to go to the bathroom and we got yelled at.  Today, Dr. Sean was leading the Naked train passed a couple of dudes without saying “passing on the left” and Lanier and I get chewed out and had to apologize. We pretended we didn’t know him. I think we are better off if Dr. Sean stays in his Alchemist monkey kit.

It was a great day that ended in massages, food and drinks. Sam told all the boys that tomorrow they need to leave their testosterone at the door.

The highlight of my day was when a woman came up to me at the massage tent and said, “I idolized you last year and your beautiful riding skills and I’ve been training this past year thinking of you and how you ride.”. She said she was so excited when I passed her today and she saw that I was here again. On RTR there is a lot of passing and at times you feel like a rock star. Then it’s back to racing and back to reality.  What’s up with that?

Tomorrow we ride from Durango to Pagosa Springs, 86 miles and 3,635 elevation gain.

Sharon and her Naked buddies