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City Park Crit Race report: Tiny victories of a late bloomer

Cathy‘s expertise is in endurance but she can shake it up in a crit or two! Here’s her recap in the stacked Women’s 3 field.

My race season thus far has taken a while to warm up.  Read: I was becoming the queen of reverse breakaways!  My brain knows exactly what to do, but my body hasn’t been listening.  Have you ever had that frustrating disconnect?  I was beginning to think that I forgot how to race.  I can only imagine what my teammates thought.  Well, after racing City Park I was so happy to call my husband to report that I remembered how to race!

My goals for the race were to stay with the pack, and do something, anything that resembled racing.  A few laps in I thought, “Wow, this pace is nice!  I can do this all day.  And it’s so much more pleasant than time trialing a crit course by yourself.” It turns out that sticking with the pack works really well for drafting!

There were surges, and primes, and geese that almost got run over.

At one point a Natural Grocers racer motioned to move in front of me. I let her, and as I did I heard the telltale sign of an impending attack.  So I grabbed my chamois and went with her.  It was a short-lived attempt at a break, but I was so excited to be in the right place and to take a stab at that break with her.  The pack caught up shortly after, and I spent a lap calming my heart rate, fighting off the urge to throw up, and praying that there wasn’t a counter attack until the next lap.

I was dropped the last lap.  I came in dead last, and it was one of the best races I have had!

I had the honor of racing with my some of my teammates: Susan, Lanier, and Megan – all who took turns controlling the pack, and sprinting for primes and finishes!  I am proud to race for Naked Women’s Racing, and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to fight the urge to throw up so one of you can win!