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Superior Morgul Omnium Cat 4

Superior Morgul, one of the best three day race weekends on the Front Range, is a tough staple in the CO racing scene. But luckily, our ladies are tough cookies. Brittany shares her experience over the weekend including a 1st place finish up the infamous “Wall!”

Thanks to Shawn Curry and Dejan Smaic for images! Visit their websites for some great ones.

Throughout the duration of the Superior Morgul Omnium, I learned that while my teammates are as obsessed as I am with creating and instituting plans, they are also remarkably adaptable, resourceful, and quick-thinking. They are very strong women, capable of winning races in their own rights, but they are more than willing to figuratively turn themselves inside out for someone else’s win. To say that sort of dedication to the group is “admirable” doesn’t really do them justice, and when I became the focus of that dedication this weekend, I was taken aback.

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Friday’s Time Trial; I knew I was at a disadvantage with my road bike, clip-on aero bars, and borrowed TT helmet, particularly since I’d only previously used aero bars once, about a year ago. It went as well as could be expected, not terrible, but not nearly as good as I needed it to be. Katie Harrer, on the other hand, demonstrated (for merely the first time over the course of the weekend) what a phenomenal powerhouse she is by finishing third.

Saturday morning, five of us checked in for the crit, warmed-up, and discussed the pros and cons of several possible plans. Katie, Emily Zinn, Jamie Arispe, I, and our fearless leader and schemer, Amanda Bye settled on one we all liked and lined up.

This race changed the game, or rather, put me back in the game after my less-than-stellar showing the day before, and my teammates did everything in their power to get me there. They all worked so hard the entire race and they were always where I needed them to be. Jamie dragged me up to the front for the second points prime. And, on the final lap, Katie absolutely buried herself leading me out. And we were successful. We ended the day with Katie and I both in the top 5 for the GC.

Sunday’s road race was a feat of remarkable quick-thinking, adaptability, and unbelievably hard work for everyone—all the racers, the promoters, the sponsors, the town of Superior, and Boulder County. The fencing company that was contracted to supply barriers, cones and signage for this iconic road race—which flies down highway 93 in the midst of vehicular traffic—abruptly closed its doors without any forewarning. Without Limits Productions worked closely with Superior and Boulder County to change the course, so that it would be safe without the expected supplies. What was a circuit became a repeated out-and-back course. I have a feeling that very few people involved in this set-up slept much, if at all, Saturday night, and as far as I’m concerned they pulled off an impressive feat and gave us a course that might have been more challenging than the original.

Amanda, Emily, Katie, and I lined up ready to suffer up the wall three times. Katie made the first move, attacking on the rollers towards 93. She took everyone by surprise, and they had to work pretty hard to reel her back in. Once they caught Katie, I took off up the last hill before 93, and was pulled back by the turn-around point. The rest of the race was a series of pulls (definitely too many and for too long), hiding from the wind, and pulling people back.

As we started up the Wall for the third and final time everyone got a little tense. I had moved to the front. Finally, one of the women jumped. I picked up my pace, and two other women went with me. The first woman faded; we passed her and at the final pitch, the top of the Wall, I managed to eke half a wheel across the line first!

And after a long weekend of hard work, my team moved me from 9th overall to 5th, to finally end in 2nd place. I’m incredibly excited about my first place finish, for myself, but also as my contribution to the team’s efforts.