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WOT with the Naked Cat 3s

Racing with a plan is amazing when it works. And that’s just what our Cat 3s did at Wheels of Thunder over the weekend, taking the primes and a 2nd place spot! Kat breaks it down for you…

I (Kat) have been racing my bike for some 8 or 9 years, way too long to recall exactly.  After many long lonely seasons, 2013 marks the first time I have teammates. Women’s cycling in Colorado has grown tremendously over the last few years, and it’s no longer uncommon to have teams of 10+ women and multiple teammates in a race.  When I first started racing, it seemed that women’s racing was much more of a sport of lone racers, which was great for teaching street smarts and how to be cagey in a race, but not so good for camaraderie, learning team tactics, or quite frankly keeping women in the race scene past 1 or 2 seasons.    To be fair, I did have 3 teammates a few years back (2 of whom are now also Naked women), but it was few and far between when more than 2 of us could make it to the same race.  So imagine my surprise when we had 8, yes you read that correctly, 8 Naked women line up for the Wheels of Thunder crit this past weekend.  With numbers on our side, we formulated a plan to be aggressive.  Sorry, no, I won’t be revealing the exact plan here.  If you want our team secrets, you’re going to have to bribe me with something pretty special.  I could use a new frame or some wicked race wheels, or a new power meter.  Anyone?

Starting fairly early in the race, we threw out a lot of attacks.  I think the whole field was as shocked as I was when early in the race Amanda Cyr launched a decisive attack, got a decent gap very quickly, and managed to stay away for a full lap.  This was Amanda’s first race as a Cat 3 having just upgraded the week before.  She very loudly put her stamp on the race and showed everyone that she is clearly ready to be a Cat 3.  Up until this point, Amanda has been known as Amanda 2.0, or just simply “2.0,” based on her twin affiliation with Amanda 1.0.  Well, that attack earned Amanda a new nickname.  No longer 2.0, everyone please say hello to Amanda THE HAMMER Cyr.  Keep your eye out for great things from that one during the season.

A little later in the race, Susan caught the field off-guard and attacked a few hundred yard from the finish line to snatch the second prime of the race.  As she crossed the line, the bell was run for another prime lap.  Does anyone else feel like the promoters really hate us when they run back-to-back primes?  It must be fun for them, because it certainly isn’t fun for me to spend two laps sucking wind on the rivet barely able to breather.  We caught Susan halfway up the hill after the first corner, where I promptly yelled to Lanier “Lanier, go now.”  And boy did she!  Lanier took off and no one could keep up with her.  She got a huge gap as the rest of us worked hard to block the field from chasing.  Lanier easily grabbed the prime and managed to stay away for 2 laps.  Once she was back safely in the pack, with only 3 laps remaining in the race, we all tucked in to recover a bit.  We checked in with each other and determined that Lanier was recovered from her flier and on fire and would have a go at the finish.  She tucked in behind Susan, who got a very untimely flat.  Ever the magnificent bike handler, Susan held her bike upright without an issues, but unfortunately there were no more free laps so Susan was out of the game.  But in an amazing display of selfless teamwork, Cathy, who was right there when Susan’s tire blew, tried to give Susan her wheel, and when that didn’t work, offered up her WHOLE bike so Susan could at least finish. Teammate of the race award definitely goes to Cathy for that one.  Good thing Susan didn’t have to jump on my bike as with about 4 inches separating us in height, that would have been quite the comical last lap for Susan.  Coming into the finish Mama Madison sat on the front driving the bunch, which was enough to launch Lanier into second place.  Every member of the team contributed to the team result and worked together.  Team work accomplished and podium spot achieved!  Look out world, here come the Naked Cat 3’s!