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Be the change you wish to see—2.0 Challenges YOU

Another great post from the newly crowned Cat 3, Amanda Cyr. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten that “4 4 Life” tattoo? There’s something in this post for everyone, so enjoy because these are the best years of your life. Go make the most of it!

When I was in high school (just a couple of years ago) people would come up to me constantly to tell me how “these are the greatest years of your life and make sure you do ____ and don’t do ____ and this is how you should _____.”  The only thing I remember from high school is acne, trying to fit in, drinking Boones Farm out of a Sonic Route 44 cup, and listening to “Tiny Dancer” on repeat.  I don’t consider those super awkward years to be the best years of my life.  They definitely served their wallflower purpose but I wouldn’t call them “the best years” by any means… I mean who really loves holding their friends hair while they return the wine spritzer they bummed off of you onto your Converse?

While in college people had more pearls of wisdom about how “these are the greatest years of your life and make sure you do _____ and don’t do _____ and this is how you should ______”.  Wanna know what I remember from college?  Acne, trying to fit in, drinking PBR, and listening to “Tiny Dancer” on repeat.  BTW, I would also not call these years “the best.”  Sure I went to a great school (GO GATORS) and made great memories but again who cherishes holding another friends hair while they ralph the last round of beer pong onto your Tevas?

Last weekend I got the pleasure of volunteering for the BRAC women’s clinic.  50 women came seeking bike skills, information, and ultimately other friendly females to ride with.  It was an awesome day of cornering, cackling, and camaraderie.  This past Friday, I got the pleasure of being a part of another way to give back.  Our team hosted its Ride for Reading book delivery where nearly 3,000 books were delivered by bike to two lower income elementary schools in Denver.  Another incredible day getting to give back to the community in a practical and yet hugely important way.  And then Saturday at Wheels of Thunder I got to give back in yet another way.  I was able to help strategize, encourage, cheer, congratulate, high five, and share in the excitement with all the new cat4’s who rocked their first race!

All of those people from high school and college were wrong.  THESE are the best years of my life.  I am getting to play a small role in something that is making a difference.  Women’s cycling is growing.  Women’s cycling is giving back.  Women’s cycling is changing.  There is a new tide rolling in and it is good.  More hands helping out in the community that we ride through, within the community of fellow riders, and within the community of future racers.

It is a very exciting time to be involved in women’s racing from the jazzed up Junior level to the nervous newbie Masters racer.  Be warned though blog post reader: people are watching us and our words and actions make huge imprints on the future of our sport and community.  I am sure we have all had some less than friendly moments in races where people were just *#$#(*&$ and then we reacted or thought negatively about racing because of it.  Good news though, it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can change the vibe and perception that is out there.  There is new blood that wants to make racing accessible and fun for every woman that comes out to play.  We all work hard and we want to do our very best.  We can do those things while remaining good people and helping each other… don’t ya think?

I want to help women’s cycling grow but need your help.  Come play and let’s be the change we want to see.  I promise I will even hold your hair after a TT while you purge all the lactic acid build up onto my bike shoes.

Vive la revolution y allez allez allez!