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Race Recovery, Naked-Style

One bit of knowledge the Naked ladies have loved passing down and enforcing….ICE BATHS! Some can handle better than others. You know who you are:) Lanier and Maria on the other hand, look to have it down!

Maria finished 3rd in the 3/4 race with a lead group of 4, 2:30 ahead of the next group. She is going to tomorrow’s TT in a great position! I stayed with the group long enough to lead out Maria to 2nd in the middle sprint and am happy I was able to play domestique!

Hats off to Kimberley in the P/1/2 race for picking herself up after a nasty crash, soloing for 45 miles injured and finishing within the time cut. Impressive and inspiring!

In stage racing, the most important factor of success is proper recovery. In the past, I have learned many lessons the hard way: a) do not climb 5000 feet the day before a race, b) dieting should be saved for the off-season to avoid bonking during races and c) margaritas are never a good idea the night before a race, even if that race is in the afternoon.

Doing recovery right is a big focus for Maria and me for Gila, and we actively sought as much information as we could find. We ate bananas and bars and rehydrated with recovery drinks and water immediately after the race. Then we warmed down with a 60-minute spin. We ate lunch, bought 2 bags of ice and headed back to Charlie and Charlotte’s house, our wonderful hosts.

And what was the ice for, you ask? Ice baths, to reduce inflammation and speed recovery after hard efforts. Armed with Joan Oreldinger’s famous ice bath recipe and Sharon Madison’s “encouragement” (strict MMM orders), we began preparations for the ice bath. Charlotte offered up the “big tub” in the master bath, so we could suffer through the ice bath together, and Charlie quickly followed with an offer to take photos. What a great idea! Misery loves company, and after all we are teammates! We instantly agreed. We made hot tea, put on 3 layers of jackets and sank gingerly into the cold water. We added the first bag of ice, then the second. Legs can’t touch or it defeats the purpose: I only had to tell Maria “no snuggling” once. With all the laughing followed by a good race debrief, 10 minutes flew by, and we hopped out. Our legs felt completely refreshed, but Maria (ace climber that she is with the requisite complete lack of body fat) was visibly chilled. I told her to take her hot shower first. True teammate that she is, her first response was that we should share the warm shower so that I wouldn’t be cold! While we are clearly completely bonded as teammates, there are still limits. Naked Women Racers take baths together…but not showers!

After a nap, dinner, massage and a second dinner, we are ready for anything the Gila TT can dish out tomorrow. Stay tuned for the results!