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Juniors get in gear at BRAC Junior Road Camp

Here’s a quick blog post about Junior Road Camp from Emily Zinn. She led a group of 11 kids Friday through Sunday. We’re lucky to race in a state with such great support for juniors, from volunteers to Juniors Race Free program through BRAC. Hopefully we’ll see many of these kids at the Bannock Criterium-the Junior State Crit Championships.

Anyone disillusioned with this generation’s work ethic and ability to unplug and get outside need just attend 10 minutes of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado Junior Road Camp to be reassured that the kids are all right.

Nearly 100 kids from kindergarten to high school ages descended upon Loveland, CO last weekend to take pulls, practice skills and experience group riding and road racing.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my own group of mostly 10-year-olds (The Tour of Flanders group, of course) didn’t shed tears, ask if the HAD to do this, mope if they fell off the pace or utter a-once “we’re going riding AGAIN?” Frequent complaints sounded more like: “Why can’t we go any faster?” and “but I want to do more sprints before lunch!”


A skills and obstacle course taught proper cornering in various conditions, group sprinting, leadout trains, emergency stopping, all the way to the basics of drinking from your water bottle and ducking out of the way of a low branch. By the end of the sprint drills, I saw such convincing Peter Sagan victory salutes I’m not sure the Tourmanator himself could beat them.

So rest well tonight knowing that the next generation of cyclists won’t clip pedals, will take their turns in the wind and will spend the next decade coming up with their own signature victory salutes.