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Haaaaayyyystack TT and TTT Race Report

Anna, one of our youngest and most promising members, was team captain for her Haystack TTT team. She guided our ladies across the line to a 7th place finish in the stacked Cat 4 field!

This weekend I got to be the team captain of Naked women’s Haaayy team  in the 2013 Haystack Team Time Trial. It started out with my father and I getting to the race at 8 AM so my father could race at 9:57. Even though I didn’t race until the late afternoon I wanted to be there to cheer my father on and have an “ample” amount of time to get ready. At about 11 o’clock my father and I went to Panera to get some lunch – I got a bowl of soup and some turkey.

When my dad and I got back to the race parking lot I set out to find Amanda Cyr so I could give her her muffin and I could be ungrounded. Turns out that  Amanda is pretty popular since she told me that other people on other teams had seen our Facebook conversation about the muffins. As Amanda was warming up I taught her how to use bobby pins correctly.

When all the Naked women went to race in the ITT, I decided it was a great time to sleep. At about two o’clock Sadie, Katie, and Jessica showed up to warm up and talk about team strategies. We had decided to do 30 second pulls and that if one of us had to drop that we would just go on and not have someone stay back with the other, just in case one of the two in front had gotten a flat. At three I got on my bike to start my warm up. It wasn’t my usual warm up where I block everything out of my mind with music. This time I was talking with my teammates and joked around a little.

As we were warming up Sadie had told me that her computer was not working and how she wouldn’t know when to pull off the pace line. We decided that every 30 seconds I would yell out something to indicate that it was time to pull off and head to the back of the line.  At 3:36 we set off to the start line since it was about five minutes away.  We got to our start with three minutes to go. We had decided that our line up should be: Sadie, Jessica, me, and then Katie. As we were waiting to start, the race official had to ask what our team name was because it had gotten cut off. When we told him he started to laugh a little then told us about some of the things that could get us Disqualified.

With a minute to go we were ready to race. 5…4…3…2…1 we were off. Our line up ended up being Sadie, me, Jessica, then Katie. At least we got the first and last correct. Our system worked out very well – every 30 seconds I’d yell out “pull” and sure enough the women would pull off, and whenever we would pull off the other girls would say good job as we went back to the pace line. This was a very fast course, 12.4 miles with a huge downhill. We were passed by one team but they kept slinking. They would pass us, then slow up, then we’d pass them, then they started to almost sprint to pass us, then slow up again. As we would pass them I’d yell out to our team “hold your line” indicating that we wouldn’t take a pull while passing them.

At about seven miles into the race we had dropped Jessica – she had worked so hard going down the hill. With about two miles to go Sadie had dropped because her stomach was hurting really bad. It was just Katie and I for the rest of the race.  Katie ended up pulling me for about two minutes, so I could rest. I kept telling myself “one more mile” as we turned the corner we only had about four tenths of a mile left. With 200 meters to go I started to get ready to sprint. I wanted to make sure that Katie was with me because the official would take the second person’s time.  After we finished I was dying inside.  Katie is one heck of a rider! I could not be more proud of Naked Women’s Haaayy Team! We ended up in 7th place with a time of 29:49.0., just 18 seconds behind the team who got 6th place.  I had way too much fun racing it with my lovely team and I’m super proud of all of them!