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Cornering Tips for Criterium Racing

Kat and Ingrid (arguably two of our best corner takers on the team) led a cornering practice at the Louisville Criterium course this week. Here’s the quick and dirty on each tip. Now get to practicing!

Cornering Tips
1.  Keep your upper body relaxed.  No locked-out elbows.
2.  Your outside foot should be down, always.  No exceptions to this rule, ever.
3.  Weight should be on the inside arm and outside foot.
4.  Brake before entering the corner.  Never break while turning in the corner, unless you want your front wheel to buck you off your bike.
5.  Look through the corner.  Do not fixate on the wheel right in front of you.
6.  Approach the corner wide, cut into the apex, and exit wide.
7.  The accordion effect – why you want to be near the front.
8.  Don’t cut under the riders in front of you.  You will make no friends if you do.
9.  Turn with your hips, not your hands.

And the video: