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Why I look forward to bike racing

Wise words from Berta. The woman can do biathlon, Ironmans, trail running races, skate ski racing, or modern pentathlon but she always comes back to bike racing. Read why:

Biathlon season is over and last weekend when I was in  Steamboat I decided it is officially mud season.  I declared it such when both sets of shoes that I brought up ended up covered in mud .  My official last ski day was Easter day but I am excited as April rolls around and I can set my sights on bike racing.  Yes I did sign up for a marathon in June and that has required a lot of running through the Steamboat mud but as I log my miles in my running shoes I long for the weekends with my cycling friends.  There is something about the cycling season that is like a reunion.  Like going back to school and seeing the friends that you didn’t see all summer because you were not in the same summer sports.  Its fun to catch up.  “How was your winter?” , “ What ski pass did  you have?”.  “What are your big racing goals for this year?”

Some women may have changed teams.  Some may have gotten new bikes.  Some may in a different age or race category now.  Some  may have had major life events.  Whatever the case, there is always something to talk about in that very first race.  So it’s time to put away the waxing kit, give the rifle a good end of season cleaning, put away the ski wear and pull out the new cycling kit.  Here is to the changing of the sports garb and reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones that have found the sport of cycling.  Even though I turn 40 this year, I think it is going to be a good one and we will have plenty to talk about.